The days when your schedule revolved around a $40 haircut are over. The new era that allows you to be in full control was made possible by the Semion Training program. Price does not dictate the quality, the training does.

The secret of Semion Barbershop lies in its hiring and training program. Hundreds of licensed applicants applied to work at Semion Barbershop over the past six years. Unfortunately, there was never a candidate that met Semion Standards. By no means is it their fault, barbering and cosmetology schools are not capable of teaching the trends and expectations of the 21st century. Therefore, a lot of times during the practical interview candidates are unable to properly hold a comb or use clippers. We wish the problem was only with schools, but the problem exists in the industry where candidates with many years of experience still unable to meet the basic benchmarks.

These shortcomings are hidden behind pricey add-ons such as: shoulder massage, a beer, hot-towel, and other items. But the ultimate reason we come to the barbershop is to get a quality haircut. If that goal isn’t accomplished then we go from one barber to another looking for a good quality cut.

So we at Semion have adjusted to the gap by hiring based on two important criteria: personality and passion. If those two ingredients are met then, we are willing to provide state of the art training.

  • Part One: New tools are provided for the new team member as it is essential to have the right tools to provide top notch haircuts. Semion personally test all the tools. (No pinching, no rashes, no pulling, etc.)
  • Part Two: For at least two weeks a fully licensed member of the industry is scheduled with Semion. During that time, they watch Semion provide various types of haircuts.
  • Part Three: The member starts taking simple haircuts but with one exception. These haircuts are checked by Semion or another team member to make sure that the haircut meets our standards.
  • Part Four: After the initial training stage is complete the member begins working on their own schedule but still close to Semion’s schedule that way for the next six months that member can also learn advanced haircutting techniques.
  • Part Five: After six months of continues training the staff member finally meets Semion Barbershop Standards. All staff at Semion Barbershop went through the training boot camp.
  • Part Six: Repeating Steps 1 – 5 over the past six years secured our number 1 spot in Denver by many publications including 5280 Magazine.

What it means is that even if Semion Kikirov or anyone else is not there, then someone else at the shop can cut your hair. Because he personally shared his knowledge with each one to make sure that CONSISTENCY AND CONVENIENCE are in your hands.

In summary, everyone was trained by Semion and possess the same tools. Ask your service provider about the Semion Training Program.

Semion Kikirov

Roman Kikirov