No More Bad Hair Days: 10 Tips

Don’t you just love those days when you wake up on the right side of the bed after getting a full night’s rest and, without even having to try, your hair just falls perfectly into place? Well, this blog is not for those days. This blog is for the days when you wake up and immediately nothing seems to go your way, especially your hair. For those days when your hair just won’t cooperate, here are 10 easy tips to make even the worst hair days manageable and, perhaps, even magnificent!

10. Braids are Your Friend: When nothing else seems to work, remember your old friend the braid. From a simple ponytail to a more complicated zigzag waterfall, a braid can turn any bad hair don’t into a stunning, stylish hair do.

braids semion barbershop

9. Brush away the Flyaways: Having trouble with flyaways? Fear not, for there’s a simple solution: simply spray a toothbrush with hairspray and then gently brush the hair into place. By spraying the toothbrush rather than your hair, directly, you’ll be able hold the hair in place without it going to stiff.

flyaways semion barbershop
8. Easy Updo: So your hair isn’t cooperating and you don’t have time to tame it. Time for an easy updo! Here’s a great tutorial courtesy of Wendy’s Lookbook that requires only a few minutes and a couple hair clips.

7. Low Parting for Unruly Fringes: Is the hair over your forehead not behaving properly? Not to worry! A hair slide or a few bobby pins will set things right. Just place your parting a bit lower than usual (farther from the middle) and secure the subversive strands in place.

low part semion barbershop

6. Sock It to ‘Em: When your hair just won’t behave, use those single socks that mysteriously emerge from the dryer without their mate to create an easy, perfect bun. Just cut a hole in the toe, roll it into a doughnut shape, place it around the top of your ponytail, and then roll the sock down towards your scalp, tucking your hair in as you go. Pin your hair into place once you’ve got the bun you want, and that’s it!

sock bun semion barbershop

5. Fine Hair Fell Flat: So your fine hair was perfectly voluminous-looking this morning, but as the day crept on you noticed it falling flat. What to do? Keep a travel-size dry texturing spray in your bag at all times. Spray everywhere, but focus on the roots. It will help soak up any oil on your scalp and add instant volume.

flat hair semion barbershop

4. Blow Like a Pro: Did you ever notice that your hair dryer has a cool setting? Ever use it? Well, maybe it’s time. Heat helps style hair, while cool air helps it set. So the next time you spend 20 minutes blow drying your hair, don’t forget to finish with a cold blast!

blow dry semion barbershop

3. Happy Headband: Just like braids, headbands are always happy to be your friend, especially in desperate times (like a bad hair day). Get yourself a couple headbands that go with just about anything and don’t be afraid to enlist their help when your hair just won’t follow instructions.

headband semion barbershop

2.  Au Naturel: For clean freaks, it can be hard to resist the urge to shampoo your hair every day when you shower. But resist, you must! Shampooing hair every day can dry out your strands and, for those with color-treated hair, fade your color much more quickly.

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1. When All Else Fails…. There will always be a day when none of your hairstyle tricks work. And when that day comes, make sure you have a cute, stylish hat. A cozy snood is great for keeping curls in check, especially on a cold day. Even a simple baseball cap for more casual days not only helps hide the bad hair day, but protects your hair from the elements.

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