To Beard, Or Not To Beard

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must ask himself, “Would I look better if I had a beard?” For some of us, the answer might be obvious in one way or another. Perhaps your job frowns on facial hair, or your wife/girlfriend is much happier with a clean shaven beau. Whatever your reasons for NOT growing a beard may be, we’re going to give you a list of 10 reasons why you should definitely channel your inner lumberjack and get your beard on.

1. You Don’t Have to Shave Anymore! This may seem obvious, but stop and think about the consequences. Not shaving means you can save precious minutes on your morning routine, minutes that could otherwise spent being productive, or better yet, sleeping!

2. All of the Cool Greek and Norse Gods Had Beards. Don’t you want to be like a Greek or Norse God? Don’t you want your friends to compare you to the dignified Zeus, or the fearsome Odin?

beard semion barbershop

3. Women Will Want to Touch It. Guys with Afros can relate to this phenomenon. Girls can’t grow beards, so when they see one they will have an insatiable desire to touch it (Disclaimer: not supported by facts). Don’t you want girls asking if they can touch your face all the time?

beards semion barbershop

4. It Makes You Look Super Dignified and Thoughtful. Let’s imagine a scenario: you’re in a meeting with your boss and colleagues. Someone asks you a question to which you cannot think of an answer. What do you do? Well, beardless guys might struggle to put together an answer on the spot. But bearded men have an easy solution. Simply stroke your beard thoughtfully, make a couple “Hmmm” noises, and everyone will be amazed at how dignified and insightful you are (Disclaimer: probably don’t try this).

5. No More Scarves. As it is summer, this isn’t such a problem at the moment. But just think about how cold it was during the winter. Now, think about how much warmer you would have been if you had a nice fluffy beard. Feeling warmer already, huh?

6. Added Storage Space. Sure, guys generally have at least 4 pockets to hold their keys, wallet, phone, and other daily necessities. But is that really enough? With your beard, you’ve got yourself a very handy compartment that you can use to hold onto all of your other things, like chap stick and food you’re saving for later.

These next four reasons are pretty self explanatory:

7. beard semion barbershop

See how Jamie Lannister transforms from pretty-boy to pretty-bad ass? Beard.

8. beard semion barbershop

Aaron Ruell (aka Kip) goes from nerdy trainwreck to trainwrecking He-Man. Beard.

9. beard semion barbershop

How does a cute up-and-coming actor become an Oscar Winner? Beard.

10. beard semion barbershop

Recognize this guy on the left? No? How about on the right? Yea. It’s the same guy. Beard.

So what are you waiting for? Get that beard a’growing, and when you’re ready book an appointment with one of our expert stylists so we can help you make it a beard no one will forget!