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January 17, 2018 in Industry News & Views, Media, News, Semion Sez

Post #3: Semion the Barber – New York

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Why Semion?

Our determination and vision are to challenge the increasingly robotic hair industry and transform it into a profession full of purpose. Although each individual is unique in terms of their background and experiences, one must remember that one person’s freedom ends where another’s freedom begins. In other words: respect, professionalism, patience, understanding, and courtesy are the essential elements of Semion Barbershop. Are you tired of being promised a drama-free environment only to see your expectations unmet? At Semion, we don’t promise a drama-free environment. We only promise that all issues will be handled with respect and fairness. We believe in SIMPLICITY.

You may have noticed that Semion Barbershop is not called “Semion’s Barbershop.” Our name is not an accident. We do not believe that Semion Barbershop is the possession of one individual or even a small group of individuals. Rather, this concept is the product of the ideas and hard work of many people. Furthermore, it is an evolving concept that recognizes and adapts to new trends by listening to those inside and outside of the organization.

Have you ever wanted to just rent a booth because you were tired of politics, only to discover that it did not quite work because the rent was too high or there was not enough client traffic? At Semion, what we offer is the closest you’ll find to the freedom a booth renter seeks without the hassle of buying products, booking your customers, making a schedule, paying your own taxes, credit card fees, rent, advertising, and the millions of other things that prevent you from doing what you do best helping customers look and feel their best.

Compensation Information

Your method of compensation should be fairly straightforward, yet in our industry, this question is often shrouded in mystery. It is not uncommon to see advertisements promising “$12 per hour”, only to find the phrase “including tips” hidden in the fine print. A more honest description would promise “$8 per hour plus tips,” because tips of any amount are never guaranteed in our business.

That’s why at Semion we decided to keep things simple: you can choose to be compensated hourly, on commission, or through a combination of the two. Some employees prefer hourly compensation so they know exactly what they’ll be paid regardless of how many clients they see. Other employees prefer to be compensated on commission because if they see 4 clients in an hour, they want to be paid more than if they saw just 1.

In our experience with other establishments, we’ve found that sometimes a commission goal is too far out of reach, or there are so many people scheduled that there’s no way for employees to reach the goal. We researched this problem extensively and developed an amazing formula to address these issues. We set easily achievable commission goals so every team member has a reasonable chance to receive their commission.

Additionally, commission compensation is not about how much percentage you get paid but about how much money you receive from the haircut per hour. We pay our bills with dollars, not percentages. You might get paid 50% from $15 haircut at Salon X which is $7.50 per haircut or 42% from a $25 haircut at Semion which is $10.50 per haircut. So even though option 2 offers lower percentage than option 1 but you keep more money with option 2 than option 1. The final question about the commission is how many haircuts can you do in an hour? Sometimes the service might be 45 minutes and worth $60 or you can do three haircuts worth $75.

Health Insurance is an important aspect of our life. We provide group plans that include medical, dental, and vision. In addition, we contribute up to 50% of the plan’s cost.

The days of compensation mystery are in the past.

We don’t offer flying unicorns. We offer a clear path to your next career opportunity!

Benefits Summary:

•Fully Flexible Experienced Barbers – $14 per hour or 42% Commission*
•Fully Flexible Experienced Cosmo/Stylists – $13 per hour or 40% Commission*
•Fully Flexible Entry-Level Candidate – $11 per hour or 36% Commission*
•Marketing on Yelp, Google, Instagram, & Facebook to grow your career
•Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance*
•Paid Time-OFF (1 week PTO)
•Retail Commission 10% – 20%
•Aflac Emergency Insurance
•Barber Transition Program
•Semion Training Program
•Great Tips (paid daily)
•Top Barbering Tools
•Fair Scheduling
•Free Parking

Training / Education

Are you a recent graduate or just ready to learn more about cutting-edge men’s haircutting techniques?

Are you tired of being promised ongoing training that never happens?

Then join Semion Barbershop where words and actions walk hand in hand. Our mission is to help you develop the technical and communication skills necessary to boost your confidence, enhance your understanding, and empower you to succeed in today’s barber industry. You will learn directly from our team of licensed and highly-experienced instructors in a real-life environment. We also provide barber transition program for those who are currently stylists and cosmetologists.

Please visit our academy to learn more about various training opportunities at